The good news about email template design is that there are some things that have straight-forward answers. One of those items is the height and width dimensions of your email templates. While content, format, links, images, and many other elements of your email template may be filled with variables, knowing how wide and how tall to make your email template has clear answers!

The Ideal Email Width for an Email Template

The ideal width for an email is between 550 and 600 pixels, though we have seen emails that operate just fine at as much as 700 pixels!Why is this fixed email width important to your email marketing program? Remember that your email will not be displayed as an entire screen. It will be locked within the size of the display box of an email service provider or Outlook client. While the size of those boxes may vary, 600 pixels is a safe width to use to ensure that the entire width of your email displays in a user's preview box or email pane. Remember, nobody is going to use a horizontal scroll bar within an email.

The Ideal Email Height for an Email Template

Obviously, your email template can be as long as needed to accommodate the amount of text that you put in it. Just remember that the longer your email is, the less likely users are to see the content, offers, or promotions that are at the bottom of it. Also, remember how important it is that the most important text be shown above-the-fold, or in "email speak" within the preview pane of a typical email client. That preview pane will usually be between 300 and 500 pixels high. Be sure to optimize that space to feature as much content, promotion, and teaser as possible to encourage users to scroll further.

Email Width and Height in Predesigned Email Templates

If you're using an email marketing platform that uses pre-designed templates, such as Comm100, then the chances are good that your email template meets the above email width requirement and is already designed to be optimized within the height of a preview pane. However, as you're scanning email templates available in your email marketing platform's selection or as you're designing your own, be sure to keep the email height and email width requirements above in mind.

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