It may seem like a minor part of an email, but the email "from" address can mean everything from inbox deliverability to increased user trust. In this section, we'll cover some basics on testing your email "from" address and how it can help improve your email marketing campaign.

Why Test Email From Address?

You might be surprised how much your email "from" address can impact your open rates Not only does the email from address determine whether you're in the spam folder, but it can also build user trust. When users recognize the email from address you use and know that it is from a source that sends valuable content, they are more likely to open your email. But what version of an email from address will work most effectively for you?

Types of Email From Address Tests

The three most common types of test for the email from address are as follows:

  • Personalized vs. Informative: If your brand is big enough or trusted enough, then using an email from address like "Information" or "Offers" at "" may be your best bet. However, in some cases, sending the email from a personalized address of a company figurehead can increase open rates. A personalized email from address can separate you from the many generic offer emails in users' inboxes. However, it can also make the user suspicious. There's only one way to tell, and that's to test it.
  • No-Reply: A no-reply email from address is the standard these days, and it can put users at ease and facilitate their opening your email. However, it's entirely impersonal and let's them know that they are part of a mass list. If you're not using a no-reply email address as your email from address, consider testing it. You may see both better open rates and better email deliverability
  • Branded vs. Non-Branded: Finally, consider the value of a branded or non-branded email address. If you have a large and trusted brand that users love, then there's no downside in using an email from address that references your brand. However, if you have a shaky brand reputation or are just starting out, you may want to consider going for a "hard sell" with your email from address and using something with user triggered keywords like "offers" or "special discounts." Just be aware of the spam issues noted below!

Best Practices for Email From Address Tests

As always, make sure that your A/B split is clean. Because your success metric will be open rate, it's imperative that your lists be as similar as possible.

Test your email from address early. Because it can have such an impact, you'll want to settle on your preferred format early and stick with it.

Be aware of spam issues! Your from address greatly impacts your ability to make it into the inbox. Test to make sure you're being delivered before you send to your entire list.

The best email from address can be situational. One may work better for transactional emails and a different one may be better for marketing emails.

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