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Case Studies - GDLsystems

Comm100 Email Marketing has exceeded my expectations. I also recommend it to my customers and they are using it with satisfaction.

Case Studies - VolTra

Our experience with Comm100 Email Marketing is really great! It enables us to maintain a better relationship with our members at a much lower cost. It's so exciting!

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We have been using Comm100 Email Marketing for one year, sending two emails per month to about 12,000 followers. I don't even remember a big problem because the customer service people, from the other part of the world, were always ready to help with everything. In particular, some months ago, they helped me customize the HTML email code so I was able to send a perfect email without any payment to my webmaster.
Pietro Montagna
Founder,Automotive Space
With Comm100 email marketing software, we have been sending two emails per month to about 1700 recipients, for a year and a half. In the sending process, we haven't met any problem. Due to these emails, we have achieved 15% extra sales each month. The extra comes because although recipients are active contacts, they tend to forget us. And email marketing helps them remember us in the right time for the purchase decision. I have also recommended Comm100 Email Marketing to our customers and they are using it with satisfaction.
Juan Pablo Orozco
CEO, GDLsystems
Since I use Comm100, my business has gone to forwards. Comm100 has the live chat software, forum software, support ticket, newsletter software...Now I regret that I costed thousands of dollars, but thank god, I have Comm100 now and I highly recommend it.
Harprit Singh
CEO, Million Dollar Marketing
The way Comm100 Email Marketing works exceeds our expectations greatly. Comm100 moderates emails, not encouraging spam, which made me comfortable to give our contacts to them. And it is simple to use, the functions like mailing list and report are practical.
Edmund So
Technical Support, VolTra
Since we used Comm100 Email Marketing service, we have got a way to communicate with our site members the exact way we were thinking of. We found a correct and nice template to use , so that we can put as much information as we can in an organised manner. Now announcement not only gets a rich interface but also dignity.
Tapash Nath
CEO, Angelesia
We started using Comm100 Email Marketing few months ago and now we are using Comm100 Live Chat too. In both cases it was easy to use and set up. The support team give us all atention we need in order to use these comunications tools the best way. We send around 5,000 emails monthly to our customers, and now it's much easier with the Comm100 Email Marketing solution. We are fully satisfied and sure to recomend it to more people.
Sylvain C. PANNEAU
Sales Manager, Metodologia ADVANCE
Comm100 is the best I have seen. Newsletter and Live Chat system are excellent tools; customer service is also fantastic... I'm glad working with Com100. Thanks again for your help. Comm100, you are the best!
Sikita N Christophe
Manager, PokerOnlineMoney