White Paper: Ten Email Marketing Metrics You Can't Afford To Ignore By: Kevin Gao, CEO & Founder of Comm100

In the world of marketing, metrics are everything. That's particularly true when it comes to your email marketing program.

Has your email marketing program hit a plateau? Are you seeing the results that you want from your email marketing?

If not, the best place to start is to break down your email marketing metrics and find where there are opportunities for you to improve each step of your email program.

In order to do that, you'll need to understand what the top ten key performance indicators and metrics are for an email campaign or ongoing email program, as well as the most common ways to generate improvements in them. This white paper will teach you exactly that.

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  • White Paper - Ten Email Marketing Metrics You Can't Afford To Ignore
  • 1. Overall Engagement: Target and Segment
  • 2. Inbox Deliverability: Getting There is Half the Battle
  • 3. Open Rate: Test Subject Lines Against Each Other
  • 4. Click-Through Rate: Sometimes More is Better
  • 5. Landing Page Bounce Rate: Above the Fold Still Matters!
  • 6. Spam Complaints: Poor Sender Reputation Can Ruin Your Email Program What is this metric?
  • 7. Unsubscribe Requests: Sometimes Less is More What is this metric?
  • 8. Email Forwarding and Sharing: Let Subscribers Spread the Word for You
  • 9. Display and Response: Email is Not Print! Control Your Use of Images What is this metric?
  • 10. Mobile Phones and Tablets: Don't Lose Subscribers Because They Can't Read Your Email on Mobile Platforms

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