Email Marketing and Intracompany Email Communications

By: Kevin Gao, CEO & Founder of Comm100

If your company is large enough, it may make sense to realize your intra-company communications through emails. To do that efficiently, you'll need an email marketing system to help. Here are some things to consider.

Why Use an Email Marketing System for Intra-Company Email Communications?

Email Communication

There are a number of reasons to use an email marketing system for intra-company email communications.

Easily Send Emails to Only One Department: Because with an email marketing system you can easily create and manage email lists for your intra-company email communication, it's incredibly easy to not send an email to the entire company, just one department, or only a few departments.You won't need to manage going through and creating inbox groupings or adding individual contacts to a list.

Reduce Group Replies with Email Communication: Worry about sending an email to the entire company or a department within the company and then having to deal with the confusing and unnecessary series of replies to the original email that everybody is now copied on? By using an email marketing system such as Comm100, you'll negate that effect. Marketing emails are non-reply emails, so a user will have to craft an entire email to ask any follow up questions. That's much better than having a hundred people copied on a question about break room rules!

Track Who Opens: Using an email marketing system to send intra-company email communication messages means that you have access to all of the other tools that come with the email marketing system. That means you not only know how many people read the important company information that you sent out, but you can know exactly who read it and who didn't. That tells you who you need to follow up with!

You'll also want to make sure that you don't mix your intra-company email communication list with your consumer or business-to-business list. Keep intra-company and external marketing email accounts separate.

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