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Comm100 offers you the best opt-in email blast software that makes creating, sending and tracking an email blast program super easy.

97%+ Average Delivery Rate

Our good sender reputation with all major ISPs guarantees a high inbox delivery for your email blast campain when you send email blast to your contacts with Comm100's email blast service.

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Why Comm100 Email Blast Software?

Directly Hit the Inbox

High Delivery - Email Blast Software High inbox delivery is guaranteed with Comm100's email blast service. Get your emails right into the inbox and boost the ROI of your email blast program.

Easily Create Fantastic Emails

Simple Creation - Email Blast Software Great email templates in various industries and the WYSIWYG email editor make it super easy to create a fantastic email with Comm100's email blasting software.

Quickly Grow Your Email List

List Growth - Email Blasting Software Your existing contacts can be imported into Comm100's email blasting software in seconds. Place a subscribe form onto your website or blog to collect new contacts.

Freely Track the Sent Emails

All-Round Report - Email Blaster Real-time delivery reports of sent emails, including opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces and more, can be viewed anytime in Comm100's email blaster.

Guaranteed Security & Privacy

Guaranteed Privacy - Email Blasting Software Certified by Truste, Comm100 adopts industry leading privacy practices at every level. Rest assured that your information is absolutely secure with our email blaster.

Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated Support - Email Blaster Have questions? Talk to us! We offer multiple service channels & we are always happy to answer any of your questions about our email blast service.

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